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Welcome to Financial Slacker

After over 20 years in corporate roles overseeing hundreds of employees, running multi-million dollar businesses, and managing billions in capital, I realized that I was a Financial Slacker. I had spent all my time making (and spending) money for other people. But I had neglected managing my own personal finances.

The good news is that I had saved more than I spent, but I really wasn’t sure what the next steps were or how to take them to move forward.

I launched Financial Slacker as a platform to explore these issues, bringing my knowledge and experience to people interested in financial independence – discussing methods to earn additional income, creative ways to save money, and strategies for investing to grow your wealth.

I would love for you to spend some time at Financial Slacker. Engage with the participants by making comments and responding to others. If you find the site beneficial, please be sure to subscribe to receive new articles delivered directly to your inbox. And if you want to speak directly or hire me, I would love to hear from you.

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