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Made by Google Unveils Today

GoogleWhile Apple and Samsung argue in front of the Supreme Court today over paying hundreds of millions in patent infringement claims, Google continues to move forward with plans for expanding its cell phone and other devices business.

At a highly-promoted event in San Francisco today, and simulcast on the new site Made by Google, the company will unveil its lineup of new products sure to wow the world. Possibly included will be Google’s new cellphones, virtual reality devices, an updated Chromecast, and who knows what else.

Watch the video below.

We all know that Google (GOOG), or Alphabet Inc. as the parent company is officially known is a beast of a company with a market cap of $542 billion, trailing only Apple at $613 billion. But while I wonder if Apple and fellow titan Microsoft may have reached their peak, others such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon still appear to have tremendous upside potential.

With a P/E ratio of 30, GOOG is by no means a value purchase, but whether it’s their dominance in search, self-driving cars, or any other markets they decide to enter, it’s hard to bet against them and fun to follow them.


Readers, I’ve never owned Google shares. I always felt they were over-valued. But time and time again, the company has surprised me with its ability to continue growing. Would you consider buying in? If so, at what price?



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