Buying a Business

I am wavering in my decision to buy a business. Maybe it’s the realization that owning a “main street” business will require major life changes or maybe it’s the concern over spending the money to buy a business in an industry that I don’t know well. Or maybe it’s that I haven’t yet found anything that I feel comfortable buying.Continue reading


As the holiday seasons ramps up into full gear on this Black Friday, one of the most popular shopping options is Amazon. I am a big fan of Amazon. At least from a convenience perspective, Amazon has evolved into a great company. With features such as free 2-day shipping, free returns, and an easy to use website, it’s the goContinue reading


To all my family and friends, Happy Thanksgiving! On a day known more for football, parades, and of course indulging in massive amounts of food, with everything that’s happened in this country and around the world, take some time on this day to stop and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. We are fortunate to live whenContinue reading

Post Election Distractions

Last week was full of post election distractions. It started Tuesday. I was both apprehensive and somewhat excited prior to the election. And as the day and evening unfolded, I was glued to every media outlet I could get my hands on. As the results started coming in and it was becoming more clear that Trump would win the election,Continue reading

Exercise Your Right to Vote

It’s here at last. After months and months of speeches, debates, commercials, and an endless stream of Facebook and Twitter posts, we’ve reached election day. And that means every registered voter in the USA has an opportunity to exercise the right to vote and have their voice heard. Millions of Americans have already early or absentee voted and millions moreContinue reading

What Problem is Motivating the Sale

As I continue on my quest to buy a small business, I keep thinking back on my time in corporate mergers and acquisitions. One of the most important things I learned during that time was to connect with the seller to understand what is motivating the sale. Back then, I was buying small businesses (mostly healthcare practices) for my employer.Continue reading