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Personal Capital Issue – Let’s See How it is Resolved

Personal Capital IssueI’ve spent the morning trying to analyze my personal finances. Unfortunately, I’m having a Personal Capital issue.

I have seen some strange numbers in my Personal Capital dashboard which is making things difficult. For instance, there appears to be a missing mortgage payment from a few months ago. Obviously, I made the payment and it is reflected on my bank statement. And as I look closer, I am finding a few other missing transactions scattered throughout the year.

I would like to be able to either resync the account to pick up these missing transactions or at the least enter them manually. But I wasn’t able to find a solution to my Personal Capital issue online.

I just put an email into the support desk. This is the fist time I have had to deal with a Personal Capital issue. It’s usually simple, accurate, and very easy to use. And I highly recommend using Personal Capital to track your expenses and investments.

Things like this do happen which is why they have a support desk.

I am an affiliate of Personal Capital. In fact, the link above is my affiliate link. So if you sign up using the link, I will receive a small fee from them. This fee does not impact what you pay for the service in any way.

So this will be a good test on how the company handles issues.

We’ll see how they respond and I’ll let you know.


Readers, anyone had a similar Personal Capital issue? How was it resolved?



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  1. Mr. PIE

    We have encountered some issues with 401k not synching properly and funds being mistakenly assigned. We found the response excellent given they are providing a service for free. I can recall at least four requests for support and all responded to and resolved.

    Good luck!

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    1. Financial Slacker

      Thanks for commenting, Mr. PIe. It’s good to hear that the companies I promote provide good service.

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